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Results from 2018 matches are shown

Level 2 Matches
MatchLevelClub IDClub NameStart DateEnd Date
Georgia State Steel Match 20182SCSA092Griffin Gun Club Inc2/02/18
Level 1 Matches
MatchLevelClub IDClub NameStart DateEnd Date
OK Corral Steel Challenge Dec 31. 20171SCSA205Ok Corral Gun Club12/31/18
Corpus Christi CCPRC Sunday March 18th Steel Challenge Trophy Match1SCSA099SCSA0993/18/18
Real Deal Steel - March Match1SCSA241Old Bridge Rifle & Pistol Club3/18/18
SLOSA Steel Challenge1SCSA038San Luis Obispo Steel Challenge3/18/18
South East Steel Shooters Mid March Match1SCSA284Southeast Steel Shooters3/17/18
WAC Steel Challenge Mar 17. 20181SCSA243Gulf Coast Lead Slingers3/17/18
2018_03_17 CRC Steel Challenge1SCSA126Colorado Rifle Club Steel Challenge3/17/18
LCSA Steel Challenge 3/17/181SCSA214Lawrence County Sportsmen's Assn.3/16/18
HPSP March Steel Challenge League1SCSA156Heartland Practical Shooters3/15/18
WAC SCSA Wednesday 14. 20181SCSA243Gulf Coast Lead Slingers3/14/18
SGC Steel Challenge Mar 13. 20181SCSA049Snowshoe Gun Club3/13/18
SFPC Steel Challenge March 11 20181SCSA159South Florida Pistol Club3/11/18
LIPSA - March 11th 2018 - Steel Challenge Match1SCSA222Long Island Practical Shooters Assn.3/11/18
CASA Steel Challenge - Mar 20181SCSA048Central Arkansas Shooters Assn3/11/18
PPS Steel Challenge 2018-03-111SCSA298Pioneer Practical Shooters3/11/18
BPSA March 2018 Steel Challenge1SCSA278Biloxi Practical Shooting Assn.3/10/18
Volusia County Gun Club - March 2018 Steel Challenge Match1SCSA176First Coast Steel Shooters3/10/18
CMP Talladega V3G Steel Challenge1SCSA287Veterans 3 Gun Team 11003/10/18
SP Steel Challenge: Default Mar 10. 20181SCSA249Strong Point Shooting Complex3/10/18
Spartanburg Practical Shooting Association March Match1SCSA124Spartanburg Practical Shooting Assn.3/10/18
Payson Practical Steel Challenge March 10 20181SCSA225Tonto Rim Sports Club3/10/18
Hansen Steel March 2018 Uspsa1SCSA254Fort Myers Practical Shooters3/10/18
CASA Steel Challenge - Feb Make-Up 20181SCSA048Central Arkansas Shooters Assn3/10/18
Prescott Action Steel Shooters March Steel Challenge Match1SCSA069Prescott Action Steel Shooters3/10/18
HPSP March Steel Challenge League1SCSA156Heartland Practical Shooters3/09/18
CRPC Mar 20181SCSA185Coast Rifle And Pistol Club3/09/18
SGC Steel Challenge Mar 06. 20181SCSA049Snowshoe Gun Club3/06/18
Flagler Gun Club Monday Steel Challenge Practice Mar 5 20181SCSA111Flagler Gun And Archery Club3/05/18
MCPSL Steel Challenge 3-4-181SCSA213Mill Creek Practical Shooters3/04/18
Old Bridge Steel Challenge - March Match1SCSA241Old Bridge Rifle & Pistol Club3/04/18
OK Corral Steel Challenge Mar 4. 20181SCSA205Ok Corral Gun Club3/04/18
Cortland Pistol Club March 4 Steel Challenge1SCSA201Cortland Pistol Club3/04/18
PNTC March 2018 Steel Challenge 20181SCSA191Peacemaker National Training Center3/03/18
PMRPC Steel Challenge: March 3. 20181SCSA195Port Malabar Rifle & Pistol Club3/03/18
Pinetucky Steel Challenge 03-03-181SCSA207Pinetucky Gun Club3/03/18
SCSA 142 SCSA Mar 03. 20181SCSA142Riley Conservation Club3/03/18
South East Steel Shooters March Match1SCSA284Southeast Steel Shooters3/03/18
CCSC March Saturday Steel Challenge1SCSA071Central Carolina Shooting Club3/03/18
Hernando Steel Challenge Mar 3.2018 SCSA2471SCSA247Hernando Sportsman's Club3/03/18
LAS VEGAS USPSA Steel Challenge XXXIV1SCSA248SCSA2483/03/18
Dead Zero Steel Challenge March 3 20181SCSA285DEAD ZERO SHOOTING PARK3/03/18
RCSC SCSA 3 Mar 181SCSA181River City Shooters3/03/18
FSC March Steel Challenge Match1SCSA202Factoryville Sportsmen's Club3/03/18
Griffin Steel Match Mar 20181SCSA092Griffin Gun Club Inc3/02/18
MSSA Steel Challenge 3-3-20181SCSA074Memphis Sport Shooting Assn3/01/18
SGC Steel Challenge Feb 27. 20181SCSA049Snowshoe Gun Club2/27/18
Flagler Gun Club Monday Steel Challenge Practice Feb 26 20181SCSA111Flagler Gun And Archery Club2/26/18
CCPS Steel Challenge February 20181SCSA251Capitol City Practical Shooters2/25/18
First Coast Steel Shooters - Feb 2018 SCSA Match1SCSA176First Coast Steel Shooters2/25/18
PSGC Steel Challenge Feb. 25. 20181SCSA270Palm Springs Gun Club2/25/18
CGGR Steel Challenge Feb 20181SCSA277Cgg Range And Training Center2/25/18
PGC Steel Challenge Feb 20181SCSA077Palmetto Gun Club2/25/18
Steel Challenge SCSA147 Lamar February 20181SCSA147Lamar Gun Club2/25/18
Jal Action ShootersSteel Challenge2-24-181SCSA240Jal Action Shooters2/24/18
LSS Steel Challenge Feb 20181SCSA019Cajun Action Shooters2/24/18
RCPS Steel Challenge: Feb 24. 20181SCSA288Rocket City Practical Shooters2/24/18
ORSA Steel February 20181SCSA206Oak Ridge Sportsmen's Association2/24/18
SWPL Steel Challenge February 24. 20181SCSA235Swpl Steel Challenge2/24/18
WTPS Steel Challenge Match 2-24-181SCSA291West Texas Practical Shooters2/24/18
EAGC Steel Challenge FEB 20181SCSA279East Alabama Gun Club2/23/18
2018-02-20 Steel Challenge At Phoenix Rod and Gun Club1SCSA140Phoenix Rod And Gun Club2/21/18
SGC Steel Challenge Feb 20. 20181SCSA049Snowshoe Gun Club2/20/18
Flagler Gun Club Steel Challenge Match Feb 19 20181SCSA111Flagler Gun And Archery Club2/19/18
Corpus Christi CCPRC Sunday February 18th Steel Challenge Match1SCSA099SCSA0992/18/18
Homestead February Steel Challenge Match (Feb 17. 2018 at 07:23:52)1SCSA239Homestead Practical Shooters2/18/18
SLOSA Steel Challenge1SCSA038San Luis Obispo Steel Challenge2/18/18
Nauset SCSA267 Steel Challange Feb 18 20181SCSA267Nauset Rod And Gun Club Inc2/18/18
Brocks Gap Steel Challenge February Match1SCSA173Brocks Gap Training Facility / Center2/18/18
MSSA Steel Challenge Feb. 18. 20181SCSA074Memphis Sport Shooting Assn2/18/18
ENPS February 2018 Steel Challenge Match1SCSA137Eastern Nebraska Gun Club2/18/18
Pima Pistol Club Steel Challenge Feb 18. 20181SCSA068Pima Pistol Club Inc.2/18/18
South East Steel Shooters Mid February Match1SCSA284Southeast Steel Shooters2/17/18
LCSA Steel Feb 16. 20181SCSA214Lawrence County Sportsmen's Assn.2/17/18
OKCGC Steel Challenge Feb 20181SCSA078Oklahoma City Gun Club2/17/18
LAS VEGAS USPSA Steel Challenge XXXIII1SCSA248SCSA2482/17/18
SCSA243 Steel Challenge Feb 17. 20181SCSA243Gulf Coast Lead Slingers2/17/18
Heartland Public Shooting Park Fair Weather Steel Challenge1SCSA156Heartland Practical Shooters2/17/18
MCRC Steel Challenge 02-17-181SCSA013Mid-carolina Rifle Club2/17/18
COPS Steel Challenge Feb 17.20181SCSA018Central Ozarks Practical Shooters Inc2/16/18
CRCPS_Steel_2018_02_171SCSA126Colorado Rifle Club Steel Challenge2/16/18
CCPL Steel 021720181SCSA017Central California Pistol League2/15/18
WAC Steel Challenge Feb 14. 20181SCSA243Gulf Coast Lead Slingers2/14/18
SGC Steel Challenge Feb 13. 20181SCSA049Snowshoe Gun Club2/13/18
Flagler Gun Club Monday Steel Challenge Practice Feb 12 20181SCSA111Flagler Gun And Archery Club2/12/18
SLPSA Feb Steel Challenge1SCSA110Salt Lake Practical Shooting2/11/18
BPSA February 2018 Steel Challenge1SCSA278Biloxi Practical Shooting Assn.2/10/18
Volusia County Gun Club - February 2018 Steel Challenge Match1SCSA160Volusia County Gun & Hunt Club2/10/18
TTS Steel Challenge: Blank Feb 10. 20181SCSA283Tyler Tactical Shooters2/10/18
Payson Practical Steel Challenge Feb 10 20181SCSA225Tonto Rim Sports Club2/10/18
Prescott Action Steel Shooters February Steel Challenge Match1SCSA069Prescott Action Steel Shooters2/10/18
Texarkana Gun Club Steel Challenge - February 20181SCSA135Texarkana Gun Club2/10/18
Strongpoint February 2018 Steel Challenge1SCSA249Strong Point Shooting Complex2/10/18
CTA Steel Challenge Club Feb. 10. 20181SCSA274SCSA2742/10/18
SGC Steel Challenge: Blank Feb 6. 20181SCSA049Snowshoe Gun Club2/06/18
Old Bridge Steel Challenge - February March1SCSA241Old Bridge Rifle & Pistol Club2/04/18
CMP Talladega Feb Steel Challange1SCSA287Veterans 3 Gun Team 11002/04/18
Mariposa Pistol Club Steel Challenge 2-4-20181SCSA286Mariposa Pistol Club2/04/18
OK Corral Steel Challenge Feb 4. 20181SCSA205Ok Corral Gun Club2/04/18
SFPC Steel Challenge February 4 20181SCSA159South Florida Pistol Club2/04/18
Pinetucky Steel Challenge 02-03-181SCSA207Pinetucky Gun Club2/03/18
South East Steel Shooters February Match1SCSA284Southeast Steel Shooters2/03/18
Dead Zero Steel Challenge Feb 3. 20181SCSA285DEAD ZERO SHOOTING PARK2/03/18
RCSC Steel 3 Feb 181SCSA181River City Shooters2/03/18
MSSA Steel Challenge Feb. 3. 20181SCSA074Memphis Sport Shooting Assn2/03/18
Heartland Public Shooting Park Fair Weather Steel Challenge1SCSA156Heartland Practical Shooters2/03/18
CCSC February Saturday Steel Challenge1SCSA071Central Carolina Shooting Club2/03/18
Hernando Steel Challenge Feb 03. 2018 Scsa2471SCSA247Hernando Sportsman's Club2/03/18
PMRPC Feb 2018 Steel Challenge1SCSA195Port Malabar Rifle & Pistol Club2/03/18
LAS VEGAS USPSA Steel Challenge XXXII1SCSA248SCSA2482/03/18
SGC Steel Challenge Jan 30. 20181SCSA049Snowshoe Gun Club1/30/18
CCPS Steel Challenge January 20181SCSA251Capitol City Practical Shooters1/28/18
PSGC Steel Challenge Jan. 28. 20181SCSA270Palm Springs Gun Club1/28/18
CGGR Jan Steel Challenge1SCSA277Cgg Range And Training Center1/28/18
APSC Steel Challenge Match 1-28-181SCSA199Austin Practical Shooting Club1/28/18
Cortland Pistol Club Steel Challenge Jan .28. 20181SCSA201Cortland Pistol Club1/28/18
WTPS Steel Match January 27 20181SCSA291West Texas Practical Shooters1/27/18
RCPS Steel Challenge Jan 27 20181SCSA288Rocket City Practical Shooters1/27/18
ORSA Steel January 20181SCSA206Oak Ridge Sportsmen's Association1/27/18
SWPL Steel Challenge - January 27. 20181SCSA235Swpl Steel Challenge1/27/18
EAGC Steel Challenge: Default Jan 26. 20181SCSA279East Alabama Gun Club1/27/18
Dead Zero Steel Challenge Jan 27 20181SCSA285DEAD ZERO SHOOTING PARK1/26/18
SGC Steel Challenge Jan 23. 20181SCSA049Snowshoe Gun Club1/23/18
Corpus Christi CCPRC Sunday January 21 Steel Challenge Match1SCSA099SCSA0991/21/18
FC Invitational1SCSA176First Coast Steel Shooters1/21/18
Scsa187 SCSA Jan 21. 20181SCSA187Black Rock Shooting Sports1/21/18
PGC Steel Challenge Jan 20181SCSA077Palmetto Gun Club1/21/18
SLOSA Steel Challenge1SCSA038San Luis Obispo Steel Challenge1/21/18
MSSA Steel Challenge1SCSA074Memphis Sport Shooting Assn1/21/18
Homestead January Steel Challenge Match1SCSA239Homestead Practical Shooters1/21/18
Real Deal Steel - January Match1SCSA241Old Bridge Rifle & Pistol Club1/21/18
ENPS January 2018 Steel Challenge Match1SCSA137Eastern Nebraska Gun Club1/21/18
BGSL Steel Challenge1SCSA273Bluegrass Pistol Club1/21/18
South East Steel Shooters Jan 20.20181SCSA284Southeast Steel Shooters1/20/18
SCSA243 Steel Challenge Jan 20. 20181SCSA243Gulf Coast Lead Slingers1/20/18
MCRC Steel Challenge 01-20-181SCSA013Mid-carolina Rifle Club1/20/18
Brocks Gap January Steel Challenge1SCSA173Brocks Gap Training Facility / Center1/20/18
OKCGC 2018 Jan Steel Challenge1SCSA078Oklahoma City Gun Club1/20/18
COPS Steel Challenge Jan 20. 20181SCSA018Central Ozarks Practical Shooters Inc1/20/18
January Steel Challenge1SCSA234SCSA2341/20/18
Heartland Public Shooting Park Fair Weather Steel Challenge1SCSA156Heartland Practical Shooters1/20/18
CCPL Steel 012020181SCSA017Central California Pistol League1/18/18
2018-01-16 Steel Challenge At Phoenix Rod and Gun Club1SCSA140Phoenix Rod And Gun Club1/17/18
SGC Steel Challenge Jan 16. 20181SCSA049Snowshoe Gun Club1/16/18
ACSC Steel Challenge - January 20181SCSA290Alexander City Shooting Club1/14/18
SFPC Steel Challenge January 14 20181SCSA159South Florida Pistol Club1/14/18
SLPSA Jan Steel Challenge1SCSA110Salt Lake Practical Shooting1/14/18
CASA Steel Challenge - Jan 20181SCSA048Central Arkansas Shooters Assn1/13/18
First Coast Steel Shooters - January 2018 - VCGC SCSA Match1SCSA176First Coast Steel Shooters1/13/18
TTS Steel Challenge: Blank Jan 13. 20181SCSA283Tyler Tactical Shooters1/13/18
Hansen Steel January 2018 Uspsa1SCSA254Fort Myers Practical Shooters1/13/18
CRPC January 2018 SCSA Match1SCSA185Coast Rifle And Pistol Club1/13/18
Spartanburg Practical Shooting Association January Match1SCSA124Spartanburg Practical Shooting Assn.1/13/18
Payson Practical Steel Challenge Jan 13 20181SCSA225Tonto Rim Sports Club1/13/18
Prescott Action Steel Shooters January Steel Challenge Match1SCSA069Prescott Action Steel Shooters1/13/18
CTA Steel Challenge Club Jan 13. 20181SCSA274SCSA2741/13/18
VCGS FCSSSCSA Jan 12. 20181SCSA176First Coast Steel Shooters1/12/18
Strongpoint January 2018 Steel Challenge1SCSA249Strong Point Shooting Complex1/12/18
WAC Wed. 10th Steel Challenge Jan 10. 20181SCSA243Gulf Coast Lead Slingers1/10/18
SGC Steel Challenge Jan 9. 20181SCSA049Snowshoe Gun Club1/09/18
CMP Monthly Steel Challenge1SCSA287Veterans 3 Gun Team 11001/07/18
Mariposa Pistol Club Steel Challenge Jan 07. 20181SCSA286Mariposa Pistol Club1/07/18
MSSA Steel Challenge1SCSA074Memphis Sport Shooting Assn1/06/18
Hernando Steel Challenge Jan 6th 2018 SCSA2471SCSA247Hernando Sportsman's Club1/06/18
PMRPC Jan 2018 Steel Challenge Match1SCSA195Port Malabar Rifle & Pistol Club1/06/18
CFL05 Steel Challenge Jan 06. 20181SCSA258SCSA2581/06/18
Pinetucky Steel Challenge 01-06-181SCSA207Pinetucky Gun Club1/06/18
RCSC Steel 6 Jan 181SCSA181River City Shooters1/06/18
LAS VEGAS USPSA Steel Challenge XXXI1SCSA248SCSA2481/06/18
MPC Steel Challenge Jan 7. 20181SCSA286Mariposa Pistol Club1/03/18
SCSA049 Steel Challenge Jan. 2.20181SCSA049Snowshoe Gun Club1/02/18
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